Getting mentor was never this easy

People are just now realizing that they need a mentor or someone who can show them the way. The majority of people would say that the best way to get a mentor is by reading books that successful people wrote and then applying what they read about in heir life. This, however, might be a problem as some books are centuries old. I’m not telling you not to read books, the mind-sets still do apply what does not apply are the action steps. So how can you get a quality mentor who will show you exactly how to improve your life?


I’ve recently discovered Facebook page called AfricaLinked which allowed me to connect with many great mentors and has also given me the opportunity to give what I learned forward to my students.

The above mentioned Facebook page it’s only a small part of AfricaLinked, the main thing is happening on its website: . What you can find there is a great community of like-minded people who love to learn about business, sales, information technology and much more. There are numerous chat groups that you can enter where people will answer your question and thus initiating the relationship between mentor and student. The beautiful thing is that if there’s a question that you know the answer t, you can help somebody in return.

One of my other favourite things is that enjoy about the site is the fact that I can comfortably use it on my mobile phone which has limited access to the internet. I can basically be online even when the internet is incredibly slow.

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